Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morning Jolt Playlist, Aug. 12th...

Hour 1
Love Comes - Bananarama
Sharp-Dressed Supermodel - ZZ Top vs. RuPaul
Wake Up! - Sliimy
Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston
Did You See Me Coming? - Pet Shop Boys
Dirty King - The Cliks

Hour 2
Supernova - Mr. Hudson with Kanye West
A visit with the Noisettes
Never Forget You - The Noisettes
Don't Upset The Rhythm - The Noisettes (live performance)
Never Forget You - The Noisettes (live performance)
Atticus - The Noisettes (live performance)
Hard Times - Patrick Wolf
Got Love? - Josh Zuckerman

Hour 3
Fire - Jimi Hendrix
Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix
Dance To The Music - Sly & The Family Stone
I Want To Take You Higher - Sly & the Family Stone
Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin
Waiting - Santana
Evil Ways - Santana
Sunshine In The Rain - BWO
The One - Mary J. Blige with Drake

Hour 4
Bears - Mark Weigle
A chat with Steven Wolf of Bear magazine (
Slut - Jinx Titantic
Give It Up - Kevin Aviance
Wake Up! - Sliimy
Celebration - Madonna
Million Dollar Bill -Whitney Houston

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I have never been up early enough while traveling with my boyfriend in his vehicle; therefore, this morning was the first time I heard the Morning Jolt. You all are a trip.

    We listened to your whole show while riding from Greensboro, NC to Morehead City, NC. It was a treat.

    - I really enjoyed Whitney Houston's new track. Somebody mentioned that it would definitely hit the top 40 but probably not the top 10. I agree that by itself it probably won't hit the top 10; however, it will be number 1 after being remixed.

    - The Noisettes are fabfiercefetch. The vocalist was like Amy Winehouse sober in a good way.

    - Sharp Dressed Supermodel is a beast track. I have been trying to find a place to download it.

    Thanks for the entertainment,

    xoxo woofs
    Jon Cobbs