Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morning Jolt Playlist, January 12, 2012...

Hour 1
Days Are Forgotten - Kasabian
Joyride - Roxette
Can't Shut Up (DJ Bill Bennett Mash-Up) - Kylie Minogue vs. Black Eyed Peas
Beautiful People - Christina Aguilera
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson
Levels - Avicii

Hour 2
Back To Earth -Shane Stevens
A conversation with Shane Stevens about his debut EP, Holy Graffiti
In Between The Dream - Shane Stevens
World Gone Crazy - Shane Stevens
Come Back From San Francisco - MK Cherry Boom
Take A Bow - Matt Alber

Hour 3
Best Shot - Aiden James
I'm Free - Soup Dragons
Heart Skips A Beat - Olly Murs
Kill My Boyfriend - Natalia Kills
Love Don't Let Me Go - David Guetta vs. The Egg
Oh Oh Oh Oh - Anthony Callea

Hour 4
Fly Again - Kristine W.
A conversation with filmmaker Anthony Hemingway about directing Red Tails
Free - Graffiti 6
Glow - Amy Ray
Sidewalk Safari - Chairlift
Price Tag - Jessie J.

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