Thursday, April 29, 2010

Morning Jolt Playlist, April 29th...

Hour 1
4 Minutes To Save The World - Glee Cast
Amazing (Full Intention) - George Michael
Whole Lotta Love - Mary J. Blige
The Wanting Of You - Melissa Etheridge
Diablo - Simon Curtis
Bad - Dee Dee

Hour 2
Music - Madonna
A Euro-pop music report from Bob Hanlon (
Straight Up - Twink
Feline - Jeanette
Bringing It Back - Master Shortie
Sweet Release - Ghost vs. Sanne
Touch The Light - Paula Lobos
Weightless - Emily de Poret
Call On Me - Andy Bell
Fever - Adam Lambert

Hour 3
Rock Your Body Out There - Kelis vs. Justin Timberlake
A conversation with Kelis
Acappella - Kelis
A New Word To Say - Bright Light, Bright Light
The Good Fight - Todd Alsup
Hopes And Fears - Will Young

Hour 4
Skinny Little Bitch - Hole
A replay of our conversation with Courtney Love
Samantha - Hole
Summer Thing - Troy Olsen
A country music report from Al Skop of the Highway (Sirius 60/XM 16)
Pound Sign (#*?1) - Kevin Fowler
Makes Me Go (La, La) - Williams Riley

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