Monday, August 1, 2011

Morning Jolt Playlist, August 1st...

Hour 1
Billionaire - Travie McCoy with Bruno Mars
Talk Talk Talk - Darren Hayes
Missing (Todd Terry Mix) - Everything But The Girl
We Do It (Primo) - Colette Carr
Horny In The Morning - Pansy Division
Wake Up! - Sliimy

Hour 2
Heaven Is What I Feel - Gloria Estefan
A conversation with Gloria Estefan about her forhcoming album, Little Miss Havana
WEPA! - Gloria Estefan
WEPA! (Keisha Mai Ash Mix) - Gloria Estefan
Simple Song - Jason Reeves
Out Of Touch - Uniting Nations

Hour 3
A Day Late And A Dollar Short - Scritti Politti
A visit with Vinny Vero (
Bonafide - Vinny Vero with Vanessa S.
Sisters Of Avalon - Cyndi Lauper
A chat with actors Katie LeClerc and Vanessa Marano from the ABC Family program, Switched At Birth
Sistah! - The Dirty Disco

Hour 4
Beautiful People (Vinny Vero Mix) - Pet Shop Boys
More with Vinny Vero (
Discover The Night - Jonas Hedqvist
Imperfect World - ShyBoy
I Believe - Paulini
Earthquakes And Hurricanes - Vinny Vero
Just Once - Databoy

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